Dog Training

What We Offer: Daycare With Training

Your dog will spend time with our experienced Trainer in a positive, reward based setting. Your dog will spend the day here with us and get multiple, personal training sessions to work on whatever behaviors you feel your dog needs improvement on. When he’s not training, he may be out for a walk, a play session, or resting in our clean, comfortable kennels.

Group Classes

These group classes are designed to teach your dog how to be an exceptional family member. Our Trainer works with you and your dog to help you strengthen your relationship with your dog while your dog learns all the things he needs to be an exceptional family pet.

Behaviors We Can Teach

  • Loose leash walking
  • Proper greeting behaviors (don’t jump)
  • Sit/Down
  • Recall
  • Settle
  • Retrieve
  • Impulse control
  • Door behaviors (don’t bolt in/out doors)
  • Tricks
  • Many more

If you are interested in our training program, schedule a consultation with our Trainer today!

Our Trainer

Juli Wilkison has 20+ years of experience in training dogs using force free, positive methods. She has trained dogs in competitive obedience, agility, therapy dog, and search and rescue. Currently she has four dogs, two of which are retired couch potatoes, and the other two are active Search and Rescue dogs. They are also working towards showing their skills in the obedience ring, and Raisin, the youngest, is learning how to herd sheep. Juli has extensive experience with both family pets and with shelter dogs to learn manners and life skills that make them happy, well-adjusted family companions.