Coco's Musings

Tick Season is Here

Ticks are small, but they can create long term problems. Here are some ways we can help protect our pets.

Preventive year-round tick prevention in this area is highly recommended. Ticks can survive cold weather. Our recommendation for flea and tick prevention is a product called Nexgard. This is a chew given once a month as a treat. This preventive starts killing ticks quickly and lasts at least 30 days.

If you take your dog to heavily wooded areas, or dog parks product like Nexgard is a must. Even if your pet may be on a highly effective preventative, we still recommend doing routine tick checks after outside activities. Ticks like to attach on your dog’s head, ears, between their toes and inside their legs ! If you find a tick, you can wear a glove, use tweezers and grab very close to skin and do a steady rearward pressure to remove it. Clean the area afterwards and can apply Neosporin on the skin.

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